We guarantee all our compatible &

remain toner cartridges, up to one year  *




Most orders can be placed the same business day, as long as it’s placed before 5pm CST.

Some orders can be processed the same day, up to 5:30pm CST.

99% of Orders processed today - will arrive at your shipping destination on your order, the next business day!

All orders are processed as soon as we receive them, and cannot be cancelled after 4:00PM central time,

due to the fact, they are  Already processed! Any last minute changes are not guaranteed!


We try hard to do everything possible to make the customer happy.

Any orders that we cancel if applicable, are subject to a restocking fee,

(Our vendors charge us), and two way shipping cost.




We guarantee all our compatible & remain toner cartridges, up to one year  *

with free exchange for a defective cartridge, which is a very rare Occasion! 

OEMs are based on their warranties, not ours! We will offer what they offer.

 OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture


We have been in this industry of office machines, sales, service, & supplies, for 30 plus years!

And for many years, we did not use or recommend any type of generic toner.

But after finding very good high quality sources for toner, that will work as good,

if not better. So it only made sense to offer it to our own customers. Understand, that

for many years, have been sales, service, and toner for our customers, so we could both win!

The customer saves money over the high priced OEM, and we make a little more too!

Thats a win win. The truth is, that on OEM toners, we hardly make any money, but the

makers are raking in Hugh profits! Since we, work on their machines, and we sell new

and late model office machines, its pretty important to us, that it has to

be very good quality toner. Thats why we dont try to compete, with

the unknown, cheap, crappie toner online! We sell the good stuff! We have to, if we want to

go on to 50+ years and more! That is the plan! 


We sell OEM and Compatible toners for most makes and models.

We normally offer compatibles first if available because of the savings we can offer you.

We only work with suppliers that have been in business for many years and stand behind their products.

Our warranty works this way: If you get a defective toner cartridge, we will replace it right away at our

Cost.  You simply return it with our free call tag (you have 30 days maximum to send back).

If by chance you received two defective ones in a row

We would give you the option to exchange it for an OEM one at our OEM version price for the difference

In cost or get a compatible replacement. We have a very high success rate with our toners and

These are the worst case options. We sell a lot of toner every year to small and large companies with

Only a few defective ones per year. We do not refund toner orders because you found it on-line cheaper.

We pay a lot more than what you may find on-line. We don’t recommend buying toner on-line, due to

Unreliable sources. With us, we know your product, and what is a better toner for it.

If you order the wrong toner:

If you order the wrong toner or want to return it, understand that there is cost involved

for shipping to, and from, and restocking fees charged by our suppliers and warehouses.

So, there is the shipping cost to you, and back to the warehouse, because the warehouse where it came from

has to issue a return lable, that covers shipping and proper return information.




We offer 30-90 day warranties on office machines. Some machines we sell have longer warranties. 

Check with each manufacture to find out those details. We honor warranties on machines we sell!

They vary based on the price. All new machines come with a 90 day warranty.

Pre-Owned Machines comes with a 30-90 day warranties based on the price: $100.00 - $499.00 = 30

Days parts and labor $500.00 - $999.00 = 60 days parts and labor* 

$1000.00 and up = 90 days parts and labor* *Parts are considered non-consumable items.

Consumable items include toner, drums, fuser units, transfer belts, developer, etc.

Consumable items are normal replacement items based on usage and is a cost of operating your machine.

Parts are items like: gears, motors, clutches, PCB boards. The purpose of a warranty is to give the customer

Confidence that the machine is in good working order and if any part fails during the warranty period, then it is covered.

We do not buy back the products we sell. All sales are final.  We do offer an exchange credit for certain items. 

Note: our prices include Setup, Network printer setup, which is considered a basic install. What is not covered are Scan to email,

Scan to folder. The reason we charge this on hourly basis is becuase they can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days.

They are vary based on the clients set up.